Interviewing 101

The longer a person stays with a company, the more likely it will spur enough dissatisfaction to check out options in the job marketplace.  This length of time is different for everyone.  Personally, I refer to this length of time as “every Wednesday afternoon”. While you check out these options, I would like to offer […]

If somebody that looks like this guy shows up, you might want to consider leaving early.

Topless Tuesday at "Jingle Belles" always took it's toll on Santa.

Post Christmas Party Tactics to Safeguard Against Unemployment

So it’s Saturday morning.  You’ve woken up to your recently adopted kitten licking your face; you are laying on the bathroom floor, two feet from the toilet bowl with a half eaten burrito in one hand and twenty-seven thousand dollars of monopoly money in the other.  You check your voicemail, the only message is from […]

My Apocalypse Wish List

Being the socially networked individual I am, I can’t help but notice the occasional post popping up on Facebook in between the virtual “Wal-mart version” of advertising my former favorite site has taken on, since going public.  I’ve noticed an “article or two” mentioning this Friday maybe taking a slightly different turn than most.  Like […]

Well, it isn't a bad way to go really, I think I might just have a look around first

"No, It's fine.  I can totally stay.  Tell you what, close up that stab wound you just gave me and I'm in for the long haul, promise!

How To Plan your Weekend Without a Debit Card or ID

It happens to all of us at some point in time.  That feeling of panic when you realize your wallet or purse is missing.  It’s the same feeling a high school kid gets when his girlfriend tells him she’s pregnant.  Its the same feeling you get when swimming in Australia, when a shark fin appears […]

The Fine Art of “Word-Humping”: Just One More Reason I Love Language

There are times in life when words just don’t do a situation justice. Can you remember a moment, where you were just so scared, angry or embarrassed, that there was no word to describe it?  Perhaps there was a time when you witnessed something so funny, awkward or downright vomit inducing, that it left you […]

Hey, I could be Nick Nolte.

If Life Were Only Like it is on Facebook 3

Straight out of the gate, let me make one thing clear:  I have an amorous relationship with the Facebook, albeit even if it is a one-way street, there is deep affection.  I believe that any computer application that allows me to peer into other’s lives like the 1950′s “pervert in the tree, outside your window” […]

Another In a Long Line of First-World Problems 2

Last night, while hanging out with friends, I was introduced to the “Clik” app for my iPhone.  In the words of the app creator, it is the “amazing You tube remote that allows you to walk up to any screen with a browser, point your phone at it and instantly take control”.  Seeing as how […]

R.I.P. the music career of Maestro Fresh Wes - (October 1989 - June 1990)